La Politica della qualità GREENYARD FRESH ITALY e le Certificazioni ottenute in Italia -

Quality Policy

The Greenyard Fresh Italy’s policy and its strategies are based on a mission that focuses on Customers, Environment and Quality of services and products supplied, pursuing solid core values in all strategic choices.


Food Safety & Sustainability

Greenyard Fresh Italy is committed to promoting Food Safety, Environmental and Social Sustainability through an updated, documented, and continuously improved Management System, which strengthens the company’s efforts to better manage structural, human and economic resources. From this perspective, good risk management translates into benefits for stakeholders and an increase in value for Greenyard.


Greenyard Fresh Italy is committed to providing high-quality products and services, which meet all its Customers’ requirements and deliver real added value, whilst protecting assets under its care, its employees and the environment in general. Reaching these targets implies a genuine commitment and action to guarantee Food Safety and promote brand awareness in national and international markets.


Quality Certificates

For Greenyard Fresh Italy, certification is an assessment tool for the continuous improvement of performance and management systems, as well as the quality of products and services provided. Thanks to the constant commitment of management and the active participation of its employees, Greenyard Fresh Italy is a certified company for Quality and Food Safety of the products marketed, whether conventional or organic.


These certificates further strengthen the company’s mission to a sustainable future while respecting the people and the environment. In addition to this list, Greenyard Fresh Italy has become a fully-fledged Trader in the Market of Products from Organic Farming, in compliance with EC Regulations no. 834/2007 and n. 889/2008. Caring about its Clients, its staff, and environmental needs, Greenyard Fresh Italy implements quality policies aimed at the certified management of the environment protection process, of its staff’s health, safety and well-being in respect of its social accountability commitment (SA 8000 Certification).

Further steps towards sustainable development

Everyone can do something for the Environment. Starting from this awareness, Greenyard Fresh Italy has adopted a responsible and proactive approach to environmental challenges, by implementing concrete actions, such as:
• careful waste management, with particular attention to separate waste collection;
• utmost attention to reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint;
• rational and efficient use of water and use of eco-friendly detergents;
• emergency management system to minimize environmental impact;
• awareness-raising of all the employees towards more sustainable behavior;
• wide-scale sharing of environmental policy choices with all stakeholders.