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Passion, hard work, dedication. These are the values that drive Greenyard Fresh Italy, a world-wide leading company for the import/export of fresh fruit and vegetables. Strongly committed to a sustainable future, it is your best guarantee in the field of Food Quality and Safety

About us
Greenyard Fresh Italy offers a wide selection of fresh fruit and vegetables for wholesalers and retailers, from certified Italian and foreign supply chain. All the products, both organic and conventional, are GLOBALG.A.P. certified and treated in accordance with the EEC regulations
Controllo qualita

Analysis and traceability, awareness and care for the environment, ethical responsibility: a shared commitment to guarantee Quality and Food Safety along the whole production and distribution chain, “from farm to table”

Quality policy
A global player, always near you
Greenyard Fresh is an international supplier of fresh produce, fruit and vegetables with sales companies, distribution centers, representative offices and sourcing partners all over the world.
Greenyard Fresh Italy S.p.A. protects the confidentiality of data of its customers and suppliers in compliance with the rules of the European Regulation 679/2016
Greenyard Fresh Italy

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