Sustainably and food safety in “Filiera Greenyard”

From field to distribution, Greenyard Fresh Italy puts Consumer Health first. To guarantee the safety and quality of fresh fruit and vegetables placed on the market, a Supply Chain Project has come into being. This project, named Filiera Greenyard, directly involves all players of the supply chain, by identifying the responsibilities of parties to ensure food chain control and traceability.


Food Safety “from farm to table”

Guarantee of origin, traceability and sustainability: these are the key words that characterize the “Filiera” project, to further raise the level of safety, from cultivation to distribution through processing while respecting the environment and the health and safety of all employees.

Traceability in the Food Chain

In order to guarantee health and quality product standards, Greenyard Fresh Italy requires compliance with stringent quality control requirements within its supply chain, such as:

  •   Certification GLOBAL G.A.P. and grasp for Farmers and Food Producers;
  •   IFS Certification for Warehouses;
  •   Monitoring residues through accredited laboratory and certification schemes (ISO 17025 and QS).


Therefore, each player in the supply chain operates in full awareness of its own role and responsibility.


Environmental and Social Sustainability

Thanks to the direct involvement of its partners, Greenyard Fresh Italy has developed a unique expertise where supply chain and management system blend into a cooperation model, based on:

  •   Respect for the Environment, by minimizing the carbon footprint and the environmental impact of the processes;
  •   Ethic Code, by guaranteeing fair and safe working conditions in healthy places, in full compliance with current regulations and human rights.


“Filiera Greenyard” is the outcome of a structured Supply and Distribution System integrating Sustainability along the whole chain.