La responsabilità Sociale: SA8000 e il Codice Etico di Greenyard Fresh Italy -

Etchics and social responsability SA8000

Greenyard Fresh Italy recognizes in Ethics and Social Responsibility the core values ​​of its business culture and its daily work. Therefore, the Company is committed to respect, implement and promote a series of ethical principles and rules, and to assume a responsible behavior, both socially and environmentally.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy

Safety, sustainability and high standards of conduct are a key part of Greenyard Fresh Italy's business policies. The Company bases its activity, both internal and external, on the respect of the principles contained in the Ethical Code, with the conviction that the ethics of its business management is to be pursued in conjunction with the success of the enterprise.

SA8000 Certification
Certificato SA8000
The SA8000 Ethical Certification is the demonstration of the company's commitment to “doing business” in a sustainable and responsible way, while fully respecting employees’ rights and fostering their professional and personal growth, involving suppliers as strategic partners, and striving for total customers’ satisfaction.
The Code focuses on the criteria for professional ethical behavior. All players involved in the production and distribution chain are called upon to ensure and maintain, in all workplaces, behavior based on fairness, collaboration, legality/integrity and mutual respect.
Code of Ethics
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CSR Reporting
The Reports provide a detailed description of how Greenyard Fresh Italy manages its social, ethical and environmental impacts, and they also renew its commitment to periodically review the CSR policy, by involving all the stakeholders in the improvement of social and environmental performances.